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I was Hacked!

I don’t really get that many visitors nowadays for anyone to have even noticed. But unfortunately the sad reality is that my website was hacked a couple of weeks ago. I had surfed the pages of Google to try to figure out who the culprit was and it turned out to be some creep from the Middle East who would post hentai on people’s blog for fun once he was done hacking them. Thankfully for myself, I only got to spend a lucky five hours trying to get back into my account.

Now although I haven’t posted anything on here in a while, I definitely tried to make it seem like I didn’t completely abandon my site. Being hacked was certainly a wake up call. I am going to try my best to amp up the security on both of my site and pray for the best that I’m able to come up with some time for new content. It’s well needed, I know *rolls eyes*.

I have an idea up my sleeve of potentially starting a youtube channel as I’ve recently gotten more public about my makeup skills. So that is a work in the making. But on top of that I have school and the overall security of my things to worry about first. So I get it, it must just seem like I’m mindlessly babbling. Which I am.

Anyways, the overall point to this story is that for one, I did not abandon my site. And for another, I was hacked and am putting some work into my site first to prevent it from ever happening again. Once this is all completely, we can speak new content.

I actually really miss the blog world. It was always a wonderful place for me to explore certain ideas or thoughts that I could never explain out loud. And I usually gain a lot of insight from what I learn.

Hopefully I won’t be taking a step back for too long. But in the meantime, please enjoy the content I left available until the new ones arrive. 🙂

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