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CSOTD: We Don’t Have Any Ketchup

I most recently quit one of my jobs at the beginning of October, which meant that I would be spending more time at the burrito place I work at. I’m there most of the time, maybe on average, 5 days of the week. And as of recent, I’ve noticed that it definitely isn’t as busy as it used to be, but for whatever reason, the kind of customers that come in have definitely become more… interesting.

I work at a burrito place. And although it is a franchise, and my particular restaurant isn’t owned by Mexican people, it is still a more authentic burrito place. That is to say, we don’t sell any fries, in fact we don’t fry anything really. Everything that’s heated usually comes from an oven or a grill press.

I had an -as I’ve said- interesting couple come in the other day. I was the one to serve them. Happily (unhappily) coming to the front while asking what I could make for them. All they said were, “tacos.” And it was that moment when I knew that these customers were the kind I’d roll my eyes at as soon as they left.

But oddly enough, the order went okay. They were a little rude, but not too picky, and despite mentioning the toppings that we obviously don’t offer (imagine our line set up like subway, so all the toppings are right in front of them but they insist on asking for something we don’t have anyways), they paid for their tacos and sat down to eat.

By then another customer had come in, so I went to go serve them too. They asked for veggies again, so I had put them on the grill and waited for them to cook. Then, all of a sudden, to the right of me, the man had come back to me with a question. He asked, “do we have any ketchup?” And given that this is a burrito place, and we ketchup isn’t really an authentic sauce for a burrito, I kindly replied with, “No, we don’t have ketchup.” And it all went downhill from there.

Man: Are you sure? *looks around* You don’t have any ketchup?

Me: No, we don’t.

Man: So you don’t have ketchup?

Me: No. There’s no ketchup.

And this is the part that made me go from wanting to roll my eyes to rolling a bowling ball at their face.

Man: Yes, I heard you the first time. But I was just wondering if I could get some *cups hand* like tomato ketchup from a bottle that you can put in a cup?

And me, about to huff away, replied:

Me: We don’t have any ketchup.

And all the man said was, “okay.” and returned to his seat.

And just when I thought it was over, after they left, I had seen this inside the utensils bin.

The lettuce from their tacos. Oh! And their napkins.
The lettuce from their tacos. Oh! And their napkins.

And.. I was pissed.

The only thing that came to mind was “they did this because we didn’t give them ketchup.” No, not that it was an accident or that maybe they mistook the utensils bin clearly filled with utensils as garbage, but that they did this because we didn’t give them ketchup.

And to just to make sure, I got my boss to check the cameras.

And we watched has he did exactly that, dump the lettuce and the napkins into the utensils bin. And it was in no way an accident, because the tray that held the tacos, alongside the parchment were stacked neatly on top of the garbage bin.

So the question is: Why?


Why would anyone do this? Why do these kind of people live in this world? My boss described it as “two people who felt entitled to dump their garbage wherever they want.” Like great. Cool. Wonderful.

Sometimes I question why there are these kinds of people that exist in this world. Like what could have ever made you think to do these kinds of things, accident or not, and not even think to tell anyone or even try to clean up after yourself? Why would you just leave it there? Did you think we wouldn’t notice? As if it wasn’t bad enough that I had to argue with him for about five minutes about not having ketchup to put in your veggie tacos, I now had to deal with cleaning up after your mess.

The best was hearing one of my supervisors go, “If I ever see them again, I’ll shove their garbage in their face.” I can’t wait to see that 🙂

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2 thoughts on “CSOTD: We Don’t Have Any Ketchup”

  • I used to work at a movie theatre, and while on most days I don’t miss it, I do miss seeing all of the different people that would come in because we would get people of every variety. It could definitely make some days entertaining, especially one day that my manager saved me from a hustler. XD

    Oh my goodness, people like that would drive me up a wall! Just because you’re at a fast food chain doesn’t mean there would be ketchup. And when you tell them that you don’t have something they are insistent that you’re lying, not that you genuinely don’t have something. Besides, who even puts ketchup on their burritos???

    People are crazy. And they can be very dirty and rude.

  • Ugh – that is such a horrible experience! I’m sorry you had to go through that. From my years of working in retail and catering, I’ve learnt that some customers come in just naturally picky, unreasonable and rude. It’s taken 2+ years to really thicken my skin and deal with folks like that. Although in my catering jobs I was always in the kitchen and not facing customers, I’ve had co-workers who had horrible experiences with rude (sometimes drunk) customers! Ugh, it’s just unneeded sometimes. YOU SAID THERES NO FLIPPING KETCHUP, WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM YOU? TO GO GET THEM SOME KETCHUP THAT YOU DONT HAVE/SELL? GAHHH. Annoying. I’ve had similar experiences in the shoe shop I used to work in, customers would ask for a size we didn’t have and expected me to somehow find it for them, what don’t people get about “the item is sold out” GAH

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