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Dig Deep

One of my favourite shows to watch on MTV is a show called Awkward.


It centers around a girl who – at the beginning of the first season – was a social outcast in high school and ends up having an accident that made it seem like a suicide attempt, which of course got spread to the whole school. She ends up writing a blog about her life and how she copes with her day-to-day high school drama. It’s been on for about 5 seasons, and to quickly catch you up to make this seem more relevant to the post, she’s in college now and the current season takes place in the summer where she’s interning for an online article site known as IdeaBin.

In the most recent episode (apart from the one premiering tonight) called Digging Deep, it turns out her writing skills didn’t match up to par with the expectations of her boss, which has her believing that she should be “digging deeper” for a more emotional and eye-catching story. So she ends up writing a piece about her ex-boyfriend Matty (who is a big character in all five seasons of the show). The post ends up being on the front page, but instead of what she thought would be both an emotional but redeeming piece, ends up being edited into having the readers view it as a piece throwing shade at Matty. And of course, Matty ends up reading it.

After watching this episode, this made me think a lot about the posts that I write on this blog. It made me think about what I have written or what I plan on writing and whether what I actually do really does meet up to some kind of par, or does catch the eye of the readers who’s attention I’m trying to grab. Because for the most part, I find that I’ve gotten pretty boring.

Other than that one piece I wrote about my meaning of life, I’ve never really written anything personal or meaningful in a long time. I’ve always mentioned that there’d be stories to tell but never actually tell them. Not to say that I plan on exposing my life to the world in the next few posts, but I guess you can say it’s just been interesting.

Everyone has an outlet of some sort to help them loosen up or let go. Some resort to drugs for that. Not me, but I’m just saying. Others, like many of us in the blogosphere, resort to blogging. We tell stories that can inspire others or stir up discussions between us and the reader or readers and the other readers. We create our own little dramas or controversies and question our own reality in our slate of online text. We share ideas and get creative, capturing the eyes of the reader with visual art or descriptive word.

And then there’s me. Who feels like all I have left to talk about are my complaints.

Which is exactly why it’s time for a change!

I’ve promised change for a while, but to be honest, it’s really hard to just revamp everything at once. You’ve got to start little by little. So I’m gonna start here.

My goals for this blog will be to bring back discussion and bring back visitors. To have you actual crave a real and heartfelt story from me again. And hopefully *crosses fingers* I can keep to these goals and maybe even getting around to having a story on a weekly basis?

Who knows. Only time can tell.

New blog next Sunday!

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