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The Magic of Crayons

As a child, the ability to colour within the lines using our Crayola was a big thing. And over the years, I’ve learned that our usual 64 pack of colouring tools can do a lot more than fill in a spectrum in the pages of a book. The fascination started when I realized you can melt them down a white sheet of paper and consider that “art”. So I thought I’d share with you some of the cool and more tactical ones that I’ve discovered.

Crayons as Candles


You’ve probably seen this post a million times on Tumblr, but I find this to be the most tactical idea and by far the most helpful if you’re stuck in the middle of the nowhere. There are many DIYs that teach you how to make the more decorative Crayon candles, just like the picture above, but even just having a pack kept in your purse with some matches will do the trick. One standard Crayola candle should hold a flame for about 30 minutes. But if you’re feeling a little more decorative, you can do try making one of the candles like above. A link for the tutorial can be found here.

Crayons as Lipstick

photo 1

Although I wouldn’t think to pick from any of the blues or greens, this is fun way to add some colour to your lips. Alongside your colourful wax, all you really need is a container and some oil (coconut, argan, etc) and you’ll be good to go! A link for the tutorial can be found here.

Crayons as Ornaments


Crayola is known to come out with colour tools in every colour you can imagine. So why not add some colours to something other than paper? My favourite thing about this DIY is that crayons sometimes come out a little more translucent than paint would, so there’s a more vibrant colour that would mix a lot nicer when coming in contact with other colours. Take some crayons and make a Christmas ornament for your tree! It’s an easy DIY that you can read on right here.

Crayons as Stained Glass


So going back on the whole “Crayons are Translucent” idea, a cool DIY involves reshaping the wax into stained glass art. Being able to use an ombre of colours for different pieces will mesh really well together with whatever design you decide. If you want to know how to make them, click here. And essentially you don’t have to have them hung up on your wall to wait for the sun. Why not turn them into a lamp or luminary? That tutorial can be found here.

There’s probably a million more ideas that people have come up with involving crayons, but I figured these would fun crafts to share with everyone. If anyone makes any of these or have made them in the past, comment below and let me know how they turned out! Now’s time to go try them myself. 🙂

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