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I was Hacked!

I don’t really get that many visitors nowadays for anyone to have even noticed. But unfortunately the sad reality is that my website was hacked a couple of weeks ago. I had surfed the pages of Google to try to figure out who the culprit […]

CSOTD: We Don’t Have Any Ketchup

I most recently quit one of my jobs at the beginning of October, which meant that I would be spending more time at the burrito place I work at. I’m there most of the time, maybe on average, 5 days of the week. And as of recent, […]


I recently started yet another round of schooling as I am now going through my second summer of suffering through a semester of university. Unfortunately due to the number of courses that I had dropped this semester, I am now unable to graduate on time, unless […]

Dig Deep

One of my favourite shows to watch on MTV is a show called Awkward. It centers around a girl who – at the beginning of the first season – was a social outcast in high school and ends up having an accident that made it seem […]