Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

This coming Monday is Thanksgiving for my fellow Canadians (to include myself) so I thought there’s no better time to write a blog post than now! With the holidays coming up, there’s definitely lots to do, lots to plan, but more importantly a ton to write about.

That’s just it. I always seem to talk about plans, especially the plans for this website, but I never get around to actually doing it. And it kinda makes me wonder – will I? But after further pushing and with all the changes that I’ve made to my life as of recent, I thought it’d be a great time to start trying. I have some new and exciting stuff I want to add to this site in the next few months and some big news for the new year! Although it is a while away, I guess I’ll have to keep it a secret for now.

As of recent, I’ve been trying to find more ways to clear my mind and, as strange as it sounds, get me to sleep! I work overnights a lot, but I most recently quit my overnight job and now have most of my nights free. I’ll admit it though, it’s really hard to fix a broken sleep schedule. I’ve tried some reading and even some late night TV watching, web surfing, or even coding, and nothing ever really seems to get me to the sleepy state I want to be in. Sometimes I even just try laying in the dark until my eyes shut out of being bored or truly tired, but I really only get to that point around 2 or 3 am? Weird, huh. It’s like a non-traveller’s jet lag. But hopefully I’ll be able to put this insomnia to some good use and add some new content to the site!

In regards to Thanksgiving, this year I get to spend it with my family, as tradition. We are actually going to be celebrating tomorrow at my aunt’s house. It’s a potluck dinner, and I’m kind of excited, but mostly just because of all the food that I know will be there.

We also draw our names for Secret Santa tomorrow – which I’m even more excited about. My favourite part to Secret Santa is coming up with my Christmas list. It’s crazy the kinds of cool things you’ll find not only for yourself to add onto your list but even for the person you drew when you’re under a specific budget. I’m pretty sure this year we are still gonna stick with $50 CAD. It’s kind of a lot, but it kind of isn’t. Although I barely see anyone truly falling short of the $50. I also have to get gifts for my god son and maybe even my family – depends if they’re off the naughty list this year. And I have to buy something for my boyfriend too… ahh so much to buy!

This past year has been a wonderful ride. Although it’s not ending yet, Thanksgiving is really the best time for me to reflect on the first 3/4 of the year and really understand everything that’s going on and get a grasp of everything that I am thankful for. One thing’s for sure, I am definitely thankful for Alex. He’s helped me through so much this year and I don’t know what I’d do without him. There’s a lot of time and effort that one would have to go through in order to handle all the trouble and stumps I’ve been in this year, but to Alex, the obstacles seemed easy to overcome. I’m glad I got to spend this year with him.

Speaking of which, our anniversary is coming up on the 26th. I’m so excited, but I have no idea what to get him for our anniversary! I’m thinking maybe… something that I won’t reveal here because I know that eventually he’ll read this haha.

I’ve got a lot of planning to do, and a lot of assignments. I also have a reading week this week which is the first for my university. Usually we have a reading week the week before exams – which technically isn’t considered a real reading week, it’s more like a 3 day “study break” but sure. Nonetheless, they’ve added one to midway through the sem this year, so I’m pretty satisfied. Although, it’s kind of sucky this year. I’m not really going anywhere for the reading week because I’ll be working and have two assignments due next weekend when reading week is over. I guess this is the price to pay when you’re in university.

I should start working on my assignment now, but I have lots to talk about! New post by the end of this week. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂